Michigan Inspirations Seminars

Seminars have been an important part of the Michigan Inspirations mission over the past years.  The goal has been to  offer three seminars annually and these are held at either the MSU Kellogg Center or at Hannah Community Center in East Lansing.  These Saturday events are from 8:30 am until 1:00 pm and include breakfast and a snack.  The Steering Committee invites speakers and makes the arrangements.  In the past years, the following speakers have been presenters at Michigan Inspiration seminars:  Cathy Weisman Topal, Lella Gandini, Brianne Bongeovanni, Nora Thompson, Ann Levin-Benham, Simonetta Cittadini, Juan Felipe Calle, Karyn Callahan, Susan Kempton, Diane Kashin, Sarah Felstiner, Ann Pelo, Deb Meier, and Annie White.  A three-day Learning Institute was also sponsored with Margie Carter, Deb Curtis, Debbie Lebo and Wendy Cividanes.  There were no seminars offered in 2017-2018 and two  are planned for 2018-2019.